Umbilical Binder

This product is designed to assist conservative treatment of umbilical hernia. The foam pad and elastic strap provide mild compression to umbilical hernia area, help to reduce pain and prevent impaction of hernia sac. Soft materials are adopted to secure maximum wearing comfort.

Color: White
Size: S,M,L, XL, XXL 

Size     Circumference
S            12” – 19”
M           19” – 24”
L            24” – 29”
XL          29” – 34”
XXL        34” – 39”

1. Help to prevent impaction of hernia sac.
2. Help to relieve pain from umbilical hernia.
3. Elastic strap and foam pad for comfortable fit
4. Soft material, friendly to the skin
5. Easy to use and comfortable to wear.