EN-205 ~ EN209

Tube Net Bandage

  • Can be used on hard to wrap injuries to the hips, shoulders, head and ankle and more.
  • Functions include simple adjustment, steadfast, allows natural range of motion, highly flexible and breathable.
  • Good for heating injuries.
Size: #5,   4.5cm x 20yds
Size: #6,   5.9cm x 20yds
Size: #7,   7.8cm x 20yds
Size: #8,   9.7cm x 20yds
Size: #0,   11.5cm x 20yds
Elastic tubular net bandage can be used as a dressing retention that holds dressings in place without tape. It allows quick application, easy wound inspection and maximum ventilation to the wound. A variety of sizes is available for different parts of the body.