Slim-Light Ankle Support

Anatomical slim-light series is 3-dimension knitting supports. Unique thing & light construction provides most snug fit and comfortable compression to the muscle tissue, protects the joint and prevents overuse syndrome. While the compression construction around the joint provides mild stabilization, the taut-free zone design behind or the joint allows free movement of joint at same time. The thing and breathable materials are outstanding in ventilation, ideal for outdoor activity or personal care in recovery period, very suitable for daily us


Circumference of Ankle


17 ~ 19.5cm


19.5 ~ 22cm


22 ~ 24.5cm


24.5 ~ 27cm


27 ~ 29.5cm

  1. Innovative support with mode & low profile colors.
  2. Thin & light construction, ideal for outdoor sporting activities or personal care recovery period.
  3. Anatomical 3-dimension knitting technique for snug fit and compression effect to muscle tissue.
  4. Tau-free zone for free movement.
  5. High grade yarn materials provide comfortable touch and excellent ventilation.