New OK Knee Support w/Silicone pad & Spiral stays

New Ok Open Knee Support with patella pad and spiral stays is designed for knee protection and patella stabilization. It provides adjustable compression, helps stabilize the patella, supports the knee, prevents from overuse or sprain, and also  relieve pain. The multi-layer material contains cotton, heat/moisture penetrating film and OK fabric, features of good elasticity, comfortable touch, easy and durable application.   



One size

Fits All

1. 4 spiral stays provide additional support t, the silicone pad keeps the kneecap in position.
2. Ideal to prevent knee overuse or sprain.
3. Heat/moisture penetrating material for ventilation.
4. Cotton lining with breathable & finest touch, efficient absorbing of sweat.
5. Durable elastic OK fabric secures firm and easy fastening.