High Back Lumbar Support

This product is designed to provide rigid support to weak or injured thoracic lumbar spine. It helps stabilize spine and keep correct alignment and good posture. The shaped back board with foam padding covers thoracic and lumbar spine area, gives snug and strong support with maximum comfort. Elastic waist straps provide mild compression and a good fit. Shoulder straps with Y hook allow easy adjustment of tightness, and the movable shoulder pads reduce binding feel around the shoulders.


Circumference of Waist


22" ~ 33"


32" ~ 43"


42" ~ 48"

  • Provide rigid support to thoracic lumbar spine, keep correct alignment.
  • Elastic material for pressure adjustment and a snug fit.
  • Foam padding and shoulder pads enhance comfort and reduce binding.  
  • Straps with Y hook can be cut to get a best fit.
  • Breathable material and advanced welding technique applied.