Dynamic Walker-Short Version(Lightweight Version)

A walker is an adjustable orthopedic device that looks like a boot.
It can immobilize the lower legs.
Its primary purpose is to prevent or limit ankle and foot movement after a serious sprain, surgery or removal of a cast.
Your doctor might also prescribe a walker to keep pressure off an ulcerated area on the foot.

Height:10 1/2"

4 SKUs in total    Size:S,M,L,XL

Measure length of the foot to get the suitable size

S: 20.5~22 cm

M: 22~24 cm

L: 24~27 cm

XL: 27~29 cm

  • 4-Panel shell to protect and support the foot during recovery
  • Speed up recovery comparing with a plaster cast.
  • A rocker bottom to reduce plantar pressure allows comfortable walking.
  • EVA insole for shock absorption.
  • Dynamic shells contour different leg shapes.

How to Use

1. Open the front fasten strap.

2. Close the covers to fit the leg gently.

3. Place the front shell properly.

4. Fasten straps by sequence.