Dynamic Snug Lumbar Support

  • Dynamic Snug Lumbar Support is the ideal for stabilizing lumber spine and correct posture, and help the back pain relief. It adopts most advanced German knitting technique, it's a 3-dimensional shaped support, 4 ways stretch, equal compression, and allows free ventilation structure, anatomically knitting support ensure a proper and comfortable fit the body contours.
  • Removable molded injection pad provides massage effects, improve blood circulation to reduce muscular tension and back pain. Applying High frequency welding technology keeps prefect fitting.
  • Hand puller is for easy wearing and fastening. It can be worn during activity or when standing and sitting for an extended period of time.

Color: Black w/ Blue, Black w/ Grey
Size Circumference
S 22"-28"
M 27"-33"
L 32"-38"
XL 37"-43"
XXL 42"-48"

  • Manufactured by high tech flat knitting.
  • 3 dimensional design contoured to fit your body snugly.
  • 4-way stretch and equal compression.
  • Most breathable and comfortable for wearing.