Dynamic Snug Knee Support w/2 Spiral Stays & Gel P

Dynamic Sung Knee Support with spiral soft stay is designed for prevention of knee injury and provides a good stabilization for injury knee during walking, running, and climbing. It adopts the most advanced Germany knitting technique features one panel knitting structure, 3 dimensional shaped, 4 ways stretch, equal compression and allow free ventilation. It can snugly to fit  body contours and provide a maximum comfort. Gel pad provides good protection and massage effect for knee joint and muscles. Applying high frequency welding technology keeps perfect fit.


Circumference of Knee


30 ~ 34cm


34 ~ 38cm


38 ~ 42cm


42 ~ 46cm


46 ~ 50cm

1. One panel knitting and 3 dimensional design for better it.

2. Lateral spiral stays apply high frequency welding process. 

3. Gel pad provides good protection for knee joint.

4. Ventilated materials and 4-way stretch construction provide maximum comfort to human body.