Dynamic Abdominal Binder, Fasten Free

Dynamic Abdominal Binder is made of 3 dimensional multi filament construction elastic loop strap allows hook closure to be fastened freely, good ventilation and soft touching. Ideal for after birth, surgical operation, or correct posture use.It increases blood circulation, retains body heat and provides free ventilation. Helps tighten abdominal muscle, prevents ugly stretch marks, corrects posture, stimulates uterine contraction making it very suitable for postpartum women. It is also highly recommended in weight-loss or in keeping body warm.


Size: S/M, L/XL, XXL 


Circumference of Waist


22" ~ 33"


32" ~ 43"


42" ~ 48"

Ideal for after birth, surgical operation, correct posture use.

Help uterine contraction.

Improves blood circulation.

Retains body heat.

Provides free ventilation.