Comfort-Pull Mesh Back Brace w/ Adj. Side Panel

The comfort-pullbrace is with simultaneous roller-pulling system to get proper compression and stabilization. It is ideal for stabilizing lumbar spine, correcting posture, and helping back pain relief.


  1. Postoperative care
  2. Acute and chronic low back pain.

  3. Low back sprains or strains

  4. Osteoporosis

Color: Black


S/M    22"~ 33"

L/XL  32"~ 43"

XXL   42"~ 48"


  1. Provide rigid support and stabilization to injured or weak lumbar spine.
  2. Simultaneous roller-pulling system to get proper compression in a strength-saving way.

  3. Removable high back board with Airmesh padding provides excellent ventilation, anatomical fit and rigid support.

  4. Innovative adjustable side panels for lateral support. (3 settings)

  5. Unique pullers on roller-pulling system allows easy control.

  6. Mesh material for excellent ventilation.

  7. Roller-pulling system and main belt can be disassembled for separate cleaning.

How to Use:

  1. Open back support and extend the belt outward.
  2. Adjust the side panels to get proper lateral support (3 settings). Then put the panels into the side pocket.  
  3. Position the high back board on back brace and wrap the main belt.
  4. Pull and fasten the pullers to adjust suitable compression. 
  5. Place the pullers on the belt to secure it.