Comfort-Pull Back Brace w/back board

  • This back brace is designed to support and stabilize back spine T10~S1. 
  • Simultaneous Roller System can be pulled and fastened easily and allows the brace to provide proper and equal compression. 
  • Rigid back pad is a removable device. When user needs only moderate support to lower back, back brace can be used alone without rigid back pad. 
  • The high grade airmesh material is breathable, helps to reduce the heat and moisture while use.

Height:  36cm
Color: Black, Grey
Size Circumference
S/M 22"-33"
L/XL 32"-43"
XXL 42"-48"

  • Special Simultaneous ROLLER SYSTEM providing most proper tightening in upper& lower lumbar back parts simultaneously when pulling both.
  • Rigid back pad provides support T10~S1.
  • Rigid front pad and flexible side boards reinforce the stabilization 
  • Back pad is removable
  • Top grade airmesh fabric keeps breathable an contour.