Blue Back Support 5 PE Stays

This quality blue back support, with pocket inside belt are manufactured for protection of lower back. The most advantage for users are providing prevention of back injuries in your dynamic working life. 5 PP  stays enhance protection of your back during working or sports. It is also helpful in rehabilitation of back injuries.Shoulder suspender for style and comfort and Velcro closure for easy application. 

Height: 21.5cm
Color: Blue/Black
Size: S,M,L,XL,XXL


Circumference of Waist


22" ~ 28"


27" ~ 33"


32" ~ 38"


37" ~ 43"


42" ~ 48"

1. Highly elastic and comfortable lower back support. 
2. Elastic mesh fiber keep the belt most ventilated.
 3. 5 PP stays provide back support and protection additionally.
 4. Effective in rehabilitation & recovery of back injury.
5. Main closure strap and 2 sided pulls are easily to adjust compression to the back.
 6. Shoulder straps added.