Bamboo Charcoal Lumbar Support w/6 stays, Fasten-F

This product is designed with particular structure, provides Velcro closure function and adjustable waist size for better fit. Breathable materials allow sweat absorption and ventilation. Back panel reinforced  with 6 stays provides excellent support to lower back, helps to correct posture, relieves lower back pressure and back pain. Fasten free elastic construction fits every kind of bodies, offers comfortable and easy application. 

Height: 11"
Color: Charcoal Black  
Size: S/M, L/XL, XXL


Circumference of Waist


22" ~ 28"


27" ~ 33"


32" ~ 38"


37" ~ 43"


42" ~ 48"

1. Protects and supports the lumbar.
2. 6 stays give good stabilization to lower back.
3. Relieves back pain and pressure, speeds up recovery.
4. High grade materials provide excellent touching.
5. Free ventilation and sweat absorption. 
6. Velcro free construction for easy application.
7. Black/burgundy multi-color design gives stylish profile.