Airprene Adj. Ankle Support

This product is made of perforated high grade Airprene fabric, laminated with loop compatible elastic fabric. It provides support and adjustable compression to the ankle, helps relieve pain and swelling and speed up recovery. It is ideal for sports protection and knee care in daily activity.


Circumference of Elbow

One Size

Fits All

This product is made of high density, lightweight, breathable, self-adhering material with inner cotton layer to give maximum protection to the ankle from injury. It increases blood circulation and speeds up recovery. Compression on the ankle can be adjusted by tightening the two straps provided. It is "one size fits all" and can be worn under shoes.

1. For weak or injured ankle.
2. Compress and stabilize ankle joint. 
3. Protect the arthritis and overuse ankle injuries.      
4. Open type for easy fitting.