Active Snug Elbow Support

The Active Sung Elbow Support is design for protecting elbow and preventing the syndrome of elbow overuse. This support adopts the advanced Germany knitting tecjnique, is anatomical 3 dimension construction provides snug fitting and even compression 3 dimension construction provides snug fitting and pain relief . The high grade yarn materials are excellent in free ventilation, comfortable touching and  sweat adsorption. This support with proper elasticity, snug fitting and stylish looks is ideal for daily use.


Circumference of Eblow


20 ~ 23cm


23 ~ 26cm


26 ~ 29cm


29 ~ 32cm


32 ~ 35cm

  1. Anatomical knitting, 3 dimensional shape, 4Way stretch construction, free ventilation.
  2. More contour to the limbs, even compression on the joint and muscle tissue.
  3. Protects elbow and prevents elbow injury.
  4. High grade yarn materials provide comfortable touch and excellent sweet absorption.
  5. Stylish profile.