Bamboo Charcoal Lumbar Back Support

This product is designed to provide medium support and compression to lumbar. 6 Stays give additional supporting strength to weak or injured lumbar spine, help to relieve low back pain and keep good posture. Loop compatible knitting construction allows free fastening and easy compression adjustment. This support adopts high grade bamboo charcoal fiber to enhance wearing comfort, and features of efficient sweat absorption, odor-free and ventilation. It is ideal for recovery care or for lumbar protection in daily activity.
Height: 23cm
Color: Black
Size: S/M. L/XL, XXL


Circumference of Waist


22" ~ 28"


27" ~ 33"


32" ~ 38"


37" ~ 43"


42" ~ 48"

  1. Provide medium support and adjustable compression, help to relieve low back pain and keep good posture.
  2. 6 Stays for extra support and stabilization.
  3. Side-pulls for easy compression adjustment.
  4. Bamboo charcoal yarn for quick wicking of sweat and odor-free.
  5. Loop compatible knitting construction for free fastening.