Digital Moist & Heat Pad (14” × 20”)

I-M Automatic Moist & Heat Pad is a convenient, controlled, moist heat for relaxing therapy treatment and comes recommended by Doctors for: back pain, arthritis, TMJ, rhuematic pain, inflammation of joints and muscle spasms.Automatic Moist & Heat pad produces moisture automatically, without adding water.  



One Size


Storage conditions: finished goods, temperature :10℃ ~ 30℃. Also based on the  Relative humidity.
Data about service life:: product life: 3 years stored in static state. (accounting from the on board date)
Warranty period:1 year (only responsible for manufacturing defects) (accounting from the on board date)

1.Digital Moist heat especially useful in relieve pain caused by muscle spasm or stiffness.
2. No water needed, automatically makes its own moisture.
3. Temporary effectively relieve of arthritic and rheumatic with the use of moist pad.
4. Relieve the injury and pain after sporting or working caused.
5.Produces moisture for 20-30 minute.