1-pc. Cervical Orthotic

  • Ideal to immobilize injured cervical vertebra, restrict to extension and rotation and prevent second injuries. 
  • This product is made by injection molded polyethylene materia with foam padding. 
  • The one-pece(flatted) design is easy to put on and off. 
  • The front part opening can easy to monitor the carotid pulse and apply after tracheotomy. 
  • There are 5 different height adjustments of the device surely will fit all users with different neck height. 

Size Height Circumference of Neck
NECK 3.3cm 25-60cm
SHORT 4.5cm 25-60cm
REGULAR 5.8cm 25-60cm
TALL 7cm 25-60cm
EXTRA 8cm 25-60cm

  • One-piece design is easy to put on and off.   
  • 5different height adjustments of cervical device meet all user's neck dimension. 
  • Specific materials keep neck skin in extremely comfortable.
  • Immoobilize neck and prevent second injuries.
  • Relieve neck pain and rehabilitation of neck orthopedic surgery.